Today’s post is written for those who are familiar to Wordpress already and there thoughts are Wordpress based mainly. But if you unfamiliar to Wordpress, you may go through the post as I believe it will be helpful for you in future when you may be a Wordpress developer.

The process of localizing Wordpress into Bengali has been running for some years. From Manchu Mahara to today’s Ungratified Coder, all have been accredited this. But maximum credit should go to as they have fulfilled the Meghdut project. And the final project is¬†Wordpress Bangla Language Pack project.

It isn’t true that there is no localization based plugin or localization pack in Bengali. But in a sector all of them are failed. That is the use of spelling proposed by Bangla Academy. But I¬†am mostly successful in this criteria. In where I haven’t found any good translation there I have chosen what I like.

The process of installing this plugin isn’t different from others. Just upload to plugin directory and then install. Then you are welcome to Wordpress Bangla.

Download The Latest Version From Here

Still now I couldn’t translate all string into Bengali. May be 1% or more need to be translated. Sure there are some bugs too. But I am working for a better plugin. Please report for those bugs.Bangali¬†never believes anything without screenshot. So, here are some screenshots. Bye today!