Recently I have tried to install my Grameenphone new 3G Modem in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. I have tried again and again to install it, and at last I have become successful. Today I am writing this article to share the process. Let’s start.

[This post is quite backdated, here is a new one in Bengali. Check it!]

(1) Firstly you have to plug your Modem to your PC and your Ubuntu will detect it as a CD-Rom.

(2) Now explore the Cd-Rom and you will get three folders along with a autorun.conf file.

(3) You have to work with Linux folder. Explore it and copy the PCL_Bengal_GP.tar.gz file and paste it on your Desktop.

(4) Now extract the tarball file on your Desktop.

(5) Press **ctrl+alt+T **to open Terminal.

(6) Now write the following command and press ENTER:

Here you have to write you username instead of writing username.

(7) Now write the following command and press ENTER:

(8) Wait until it is finished and finally you will get your GP 3G Modem installed on your Ubuntu.

You gonna have problem in running Qt based apps like VLC Player, SM Player, Odesk Time Tracker after installing this modem, then you have to do some more work. Here is the solution brought by Minhazul Haq:

Open terminal and enter the following codes one by one. Give password if necessary.

Hope now you will be able to run Qt based apps. I have tested it on 32-bit arch, Minhaz vai have tested it on his Kubuntu (64-bit). If you face any problem, just let me know. I will try to help you. Thanks!